An unspecified object or action, that sounds hilarious to both sober and inebriated people. Can be viewed as quite sexual in meaning depending on the situation.
Max: " Hey lizi, BANOONIES"
Lizi: *Lol* "What the hell?"
Max: "I dunno, it just sounds funny."
Lizi: "It sounds like a sexual position"
Both: *LMFAO*
by Maxy Newton November 22, 2007
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Top Definition
"tha whole joint gone banoony!"
by Breadless August 16, 2003
Previous to noony.
"that pregnant banoony moment."
by Jody Hoskins August 16, 2003
of or from noony (cf)
"...until all of us were consumed in the din banoony."
(W. H. Hobson)
by Naom Chomsky August 13, 2003
the recursive of "Noony."
"...from no, to noony, until noony banoony, then know kanno blod (sic) other..."
(from "The Eshkenthkhurnum")
by G. I. Poindexticon August 12, 2003

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