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An unspecified object or action, that sounds hilarious to both sober and inebriated people. Can be viewed as quite sexual in meaning depending on the situation.
Max: " Hey lizi, BANOONIES"
Lizi: *Lol* "What the hell?"
Max: "I dunno, it just sounds funny."
Lizi: "It sounds like a sexual position"
Both: *LMFAO*
by Maxy Newton November 22, 2007
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noony banoonies drunk funny random sex sexual
"tha whole joint gone banoony!"
by Breadless August 16, 2003
5 0
Previous to noony.
"that pregnant banoony moment."
by Jody Hoskins August 16, 2003
2 2
of or from noony (cf)
"...until all of us were consumed in the din banoony."
(W. H. Hobson)
by Naom Chomsky August 13, 2003
1 1
the recursive of "Noony."
"...from no, to noony, until noony banoony, then know kanno blod (sic) other..."
(from "The Eshkenthkhurnum")
by G. I. Poindexticon August 12, 2003
2 2