An ingenious method of effective, targeted, advertising, seen on many proffessional or "major" websites. Much more effective than Pop-ups or Pop-unders.
Guy1:Man, I can't afford these server bills.
Guy2:How about adding a banner ad from a reputable site? They will pay you some money to ease those bills.
Guy1:Well, I read, and after reading karri0n's definition, I suppose they really aren't so evil after all. Good idea, thanks.
by karri0n October 17, 2003
Top Definition
Useless, annoying SHIT. No one clicks them, and they ruin a webpage's template. Still not as bad as pop-up ads and pop-under ads.
The Banner Ads were invented by one of those hated internet individuals who create things for ease-of-use advertising. Bastard.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 11, 2003
Annoying ads that appear at the top of your screen. Lately, people have discovered even more ways to annoy you, by adding audio to some ads. The most annoying ad ofcourse are the "Shoot (whatever) to win a prize!" ads.
Man, those shooting banner ads make me want to take a crowbar to my own skull.
by Poopsy July 07, 2003
Normally small, long animated pictures used on websites by advertisers to catch the attention of surfers to bring in traffic(hits, visits) to their website.
That banner ad was about gay male porn.
by matt July 09, 2003
Stupid annoying bastards that flash and glow vapidly in the furthest outreach of most websites, frequenting porno sites the most; these will try and get you to buy something stoopid and pointless or join a stoopid and pointless club in order to buy something stoopid and pointless.
Those disco lookin' banner ads are REALLY getting on my nerves. I think I'll throw my monitor out the window now.
by YourCloud July 09, 2003
Images on the internet in the shape of a long rectangle, they are advertisements than link to other websites.
Punch the Monkey Ads.
by Chad July 08, 2003
Billboards for the internet. When you're trying to concentrate on something on the internet, one of these pops up, flashing that you're a winner, or if you shoot the duck, you will be.
"Shoot the duck and win a prize!"
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
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