A sell out. Somebody who comprimises their integrity, morality and principles for money. It is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability to mainstream society. A person who does this, as opposed to following the original path they laid out for themself, suffers immediate loss of respect. The term comes from the prime example; Banksy, the UK based graffiti artist who writes of anti-consumerism and then goes on to make himself one of the most commercially successful brand names in the art world.
Dave: "Hey Kev, you still into Green Day?"

Kev: "Hell no Dave, after their American Idiot Album they've gone a bit Banksy"

Dave: "True"
by MCMXCV April 18, 2008
Perhaps the greatest stencil artist ever he parades his works around Britain quite illegally. He defaces monuments, spray paints animals and generally bugs people off.
I sware to god I saw Bansky the other day, but who the hell knows. Could be anyone, even old Thatcher herself.
by Willie C. November 16, 2004
A trite political statement painted on someone else's property
Banksy commits vandalism
by anon October 15, 2012
A sexual or pseudosexual act of rejection. The rejected partner is woken in the early hours of the morning preferably whilst sleeping on white bedding and subjected to a high-pressure curry fart to the head, permanently silhouetting their shocked expression into the pillow. For a true 'banksy' one must accuse them of not getting the joke afterwards.
"I did a Banksy last night"

"She was getting right on my tits so I Banksied her and then left a shit on her radiator"
by streetfart May 28, 2012
a sexual maneuver where you film your partner on CCTV while wearing a monkey mask and decrying the police state
I pulled a banksy on some whore last night then uploaded the footage to youporn.
by avaela February 28, 2011
Shagging for hours on end with out saying one word whilst drinking a respectable amount of alcohol.
Doing a Banksy includes Going over to a chosen females house in the evening and just fucking til 6.00pm the next day without saying a single word.
by Mr Banksy Lad December 13, 2011
bank·sy (bank see)
1. A generic term for stenciled street art.
2. A general slang term for easily done street art that mimics commercial advertising.
3. A term used to describe a graffiti artist who has "sold out" by becoming financially successful through the system he originally spoke out against.
"yo, did you see that banksy Pablo did on the school bus? Total wack job!"

"Several banksy style images have appeared in the run up to the election, including a print of David Cameron" - wired.com
by Jonathan Jones Guardian February 15, 2012
Banksy is a pseudonym for a British street artist which uses street art as a form of political and social activism. He has a distinctive style in street art to create satirical art pieces. He is best known for his unique stenciling, however quite often he will make pieces of art which range from sculptures to YouTube videos intended to expose the truth about events and situations occurring in our present society.

Recently, he has become widely known for his art pieces and some of his works have been sold at public auctions for thousands of dollars. However, he demonstrates that his art was not for this intended purpose in his satirical film, "Exit Through The Gift Shop". he demonstrates that anyone can make art. However, it is the visual message which art sends which signifies its importance, a message which many people seem to neglect.

Many people in the underground art scene and elsewhere criticize him for being a 'sellout' where it is believed that his art is purposely brought into mainstream media for his anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and anti-war messages for money. However, this is not true as Banksy still remains true to his style, technique and his political and social themes. The only difference now is that he is a widely successful and acclaimed street artist. Some street artists which criticize Banksy still wish to achieve the same success as his and present him as a sellout out of possible jealousy for his achievements.
If you have the time I would highly recommend watching "Exit Through The Gift Shop". Just google it and watch it. (:


"Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world, I can’t even finish my second apple pie."
- Banksy
by Globex February 15, 2011

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