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When a group of people beat up one person
Did u see those guys bankin that dude?
by dogmeatz January 18, 2008
6 13
verb...a short form of the term spank bank....
the act of using old sexual experiences, fantasies to aid in masturbation.
"dude, did you see Erin's tits?"

"yeah guy, i'll be bankin' that tonight!"
by Ginger Kid-Rodriguez March 18, 2010
11 3
A word used to describe someone who is making a grip of money, legally, illegally, or otherwise.
"Damn, look at all his new shit, he must be bankin'!"
by Ally April 20, 2004
23 17
When you've got something "in the bag"; when you've got a situation handled.
That nigga's bankin' a 5 on the AP government exam tomorrow!
by AgentWS May 03, 2009
4 11