another term used to describe a jew.
That big nosed "banker" stole my bagel.
by Buck Dugger November 27, 2007
1.Referring to the rich people who enjoy to have sex with little young girls.

2.Referring to the rich people who don't work but parasite to the working people.

3.Referring to the rich people who enjoy to suck politicians' dick to get money.

4.Referring to the rich people who will be the inhabitants of Hell after the Day.
Have you heard about "Do not charge your brother interest, whether on money or food or anything else that may earn interest", you fucking banker?
by GodIRock! October 22, 2009
When a girl is sleeping and you filp her over an fuck her ass with a roll of quarters.
Yeah, Amy wouldnt blow me so when she fell asleep i gave her a banker
by justin jew porn May 19, 2009
when doing a girl from behind (vaginal or anal) the man pulls out before ejaculating and proceeds to ejaculate on her back and throwing a handful of monopoly money on it
man 1: how did the strip board game night go?
man 2: great dude i got that girl and some monopoly money and BANKERed the shit out of her!
man 1: cope you are man!
by lumberjackson5 December 06, 2008

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