A word you say if somebody says something stupid.
"what's the number to 911
then somebody says "bank"

by jaz3084 July 14, 2008

Check out that Bank posted in the cut over there like a striaght loner
by Nigga Nugget January 07, 2008
Meets all the requirements to have sex with, Usually used for females but can use for males.
Originated from: you can bet the bank that I would "do" her.
I'd take her right to the BANK!


(a hot girl walkes by and you nod to your buddy and say; "BANK"
by joe March 23, 2003
In the bank - short for "in the memory bank". Used for visual memory, usually of fitties.
I went to the gym last night, there were loads of deals there. Put them in the bank....
by Rivermead_legend May 03, 2005
When invested money begins to make profit.
I'm pullin' bank tonight.
If we don't make bank soon, I'm out.
by lilsis February 24, 2005
suitable for a function or a job
Sue's bank for our cheerleading team.
by Shawn June 04, 2004
A shot in the game of pool in which the ball hit travels from one end of the table straight down the side rail to a the other end, in hopes of getting in a corner pocket.
Pool shark: "Ha ha you missed your bank, you owe me $50.!"
Guy: "I got your $50 pal, on the other side of my stick!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005

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