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That acute and all-consuming feeling of bored emptiness, melancholy, cranky dissatisfaction, etc. that comes when one accustomed to a lavish lifestyle has completely drained his financial resources and thus has to start economizing, or when a “caring” (read, “tough-love”!) parent/spouse/dutch uncle has suspended the squanderer’s spending privileges until such time as he is deemed worthy/responsible enough to manage his own finances again.
Cool chick: Yo! Why the long face, girl?
Hip lass: Oh, just major bank account withdrawal syndrome --- my boyfriend was sick of bailing me out, so he took away my debit and credit cards, and enrolled me in a free community college course in frugal money management.
Cool chick: Yeeee-gads! Major bummer, honey! Well, I’ll be a good sport and take the course, too, so I can sit with you for emotional support. Besides, I could use a little help myself in that regard.
by QuacksO November 23, 2011

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