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The condition experienced the morning after enthusiastic crowd participation at a metal/punk/hardcore show. Characterized by the usual symptoms of a hangover combined with scrapes, bruises, aches and pains from being tossed about, slammed into and occasionally stomped on. General usage indicates tinitis and/or a sore neck from banging one's head while brutal handing (i.e. giving the claw).
I saw Tooth last night and, man, I could hardly eat my grits this morning I had such a brutal bangover. I got my ass kicked, it was great. What? Huh? Sorry, can't hear a damn thing 'cept the ringing.
by E. dubs May 12, 2007
The feeling or state of mind, ranging from a few minutes after to the morning, after sexual intercourse, especially exceptional intercourse. Feelings may include excessive drowsiness, prolongated state of Euphoria, and soreness of sexual organs.
Chris and I fucked for hours last night, I have such a bangover.
by B Strit August 09, 2007
like the word 'hangover' but not from drinking, a bangover is after sex has happened sometimes you can be feeling shit about having sex, and it makes you feel ill.
"dude did you sleep with that girl"

"yeah man i have the worst bangover"
by JoJoJoeyy November 22, 2011
The feeling of out right pain and discomfort one experiences the morning after a metal gig.
I can't move my head today, I've got the worst bangover after the gig last night.
by Pokanny May 30, 2010
The feeling in the morning after a night of sexual intercourse with a person you regret screwing
I woke up with a horrible bangover after realizing who I fucked last night.
by ElenaMikeMattJordan March 28, 2010
a common male feeling of disappointment shortly after (sexual intercourse). Usually accompanied by: a loss of respect, mild disgust, aversion, and repulsion.
dude 1: Dude, are you (banging) stacy tonight?
dude 2: No man, I was crazy about her until we did it, now I'm suffering from a severe bangover
by rubber rob December 06, 2009
The painful sensation often resulting from particularly rough sex, often dark hickeys, 'burn marks' and bruises are clear signs of a bangover
I don't know whether it was the spanking or that weird dildo she put in me but I have a serious bangover....
by Pirate Duckie November 17, 2009
When you get a head ache after sex.
"Ow... damn, I have a *huge* bangover."
"Haha, I get those whenever me and Steve have rough sex."

"I always get a bangover after sex because Roy likes to pull my hair and choke me."
by HCO Babe ; <3 October 17, 2009