Having unprotected sex with an Asian partner.
I went Bangkok Dangerous last night with Ling Ling after we left the party.
by maluttr August 01, 2010
Top Definition
Verb substitute for horrible.
The movie Bangkok Dangerous was bangkok dangerous.

The Lions lost the game in the First quarter, they are bangkok dangerous.
by Diesel-Deez September 08, 2008
noun (informal)

(of an action or quality) characterized or caused by insanity and danger; the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement.

{as adjective}
That shit was just bangkok dangerous.

Garrett : let's get bangkok dangerous in this bitch.
Hunter : BD is my middle name, brah.
Darren: Bangkok Danger?
Spencer: rowdy as BD
by Danny on Steroids September 04, 2008
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