Bangin' means very good, or can also be used in the sense of someone's mood, e.g. "I'm bangin' mate how are you?"
1) That car is bangin'
2) "How are you?" - "I'm bangin' mate, you?"
by Nathanael Adams July 09, 2006
from the retards up the street. Meaning, awesome, cool, chill, bitchin.
Damn that weed is bangin!
by emoangel June 10, 2004
sometimes use by white kids wanting to be black to talk about their girlfiends and such.
(white kid)ralphie: You what up dog...
(ALSO WHITE)john: not much B
ralphie: man i gotta go back to my crib dog my girls there and she bangin
by matt May 24, 2004
a Chav. Someone who dons themselves in Burberry clothing, has their socks tucked into their tracksuit bottoms and wears 12 pound sovereign rings from elizabeth duke. Usually listens and tries to emulate the matters in rap music. Also gets drunk in the park on cheap cider. Originates from the chav threat "im gonna fuckin' bang ya out mate'
Chris: Awww man, i just bought this new sovereign its fuckin phat!
Neal: yeah but you're bangin'

I hate chavs, fuckin bangin' tossers
by [C. Strife://] January 30, 2005
really hot.
Brad Ornelas's body
by Jessica Bell October 16, 2003
1. something happenin
2. something hitting the door roughly
1. Dang, yo! That was straight bangin.
2. Who is bangin at my door?!
by jerk October 06, 2003

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