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To fight
Man we saw that nigga and they just started bangin
by Lil Rome November 12, 2003
soliciting illegal drugs
im hurtin out here im bout to start bangin...

trees; you got dat.."you alredy know im still bangin"
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
The Techno knock in Electronic music. Hard hitting repetious music. Something highly agreed to for rolling
"This is a bangin mix"
by jon June 19, 2004
An object with entertainment or munerical value.
Hey yo dat shorty is bangin of the west side. word
by Fo Nozzy May 02, 2003
1. verb: slerr for banging

2. adj.: describing something that is "awesome" or "cool"

3. verb: doing it.
1. stop bangin on my wall.

2. wow dats tight shawty i think dats gotta be bangin.

3. they were bangin behind the dumpster again last night.
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
A term used to describe a wicked awesome skateboard manuever or series of manuvers, or a mini video part. Usually said by Giovanni Reda.
Skater: Damn dude, that tre flip noseblunt down that hubba was ridiculous!
Skater 2: Holy Shits dude, that was bangin'!
by oozesteeze March 21, 2009
Bangin' means very good, or can also be used in the sense of someone's mood, e.g. "I'm bangin' mate how are you?"
1) That car is bangin'
2) "How are you?" - "I'm bangin' mate, you?"
by Nathanael Adams July 09, 2006