1. to bang a broad

2. to bang with a gang or something

3. to say that something is good

4. to fight someone who fucking with you
1. I bang the broad named tiana the other day it was good to.

2 who that over there. thats deshawn bangin with dem CRips

3 them cloths at the store were bangin

4 Look if you keep fucking with me we bangin
by No1one February 07, 2013
A loose term that can be used as a verb, adjective, or a way of life. Specifically connected to someone with bangs. Can be used to mean something or someone is cool, sexy, awesome, etc. Also, a way of life or lifestyle for someone with bangs.
1.) Hey! Did you cut your hair recently?

"yeahh, I'm bangin noww"

2.) Dude, check out that girl over there...
"Man i know, Now thats what you call bangin'!"
by BEastMAnlovesskeletor October 05, 2011
hot, sexy, a cute girl or guy.
that bitch was bangin !
by katie skankz June 13, 2008
that was/is awesome, cool, hot, sweet, something that is off the hook.
That movie was bangin.
My girl is bangin.
by Cindy[clfd] April 07, 2008
hot, gorgeous, pretty or attractive, usually said to a girl, but could go for guys as well
dayum! gina looked bangin today.
by BigPimpinallovadaworld October 12, 2007
1.)A word that describes something, (bagin=subsitute for great, awsome,amazing) meaning the thing is the best or overly great the word was mostly use in the 1998-2003 era)
1.)Kid 1:I just got a new phone! I have 5,000 minittes now!
Kid 2:Thats bangin!
very loud car audio.
shit chuck, your always bangin, i hear your shit from 3-4 miles a way.
by kepthepurbythelbs August 19, 2007

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