Off the Hizzle, Sick, Dope, Phat, iLL, Crazy, Referes to things like party's, girls asses etc..
Yo did u see dat?? That bitches ass was Bangin!!!
by B ReaZy January 15, 2006
Off tha' hizzle
Yo son, I just got up out the lab, creeped back to the crib for som skrizzle, oh tae tae did i parley that snoop album is bangin
by 1timeHooptie August 29, 2003
a term used by young teens to describe some thing that was great,super&cool! often used on social media sites comes from the word banging. but now used as an adjective.
"OMG last night was bangin'"
"Going town tomorrow gonna be bangin'"
by rozzer July 28, 2013
A type of weed that's better than Mids. It's fairly common and also spelled and pronounced Bangings.
What are we smoking?

All I got is bangins but at least its better than mids.
by ndinthea April 06, 2011
To diss someone; bring them down repeatedly.
"You are bangin' on the poor fella!"
by 66502686 October 07, 2009
another word for awesome, cool, hot, sweet, etc. just a cooler word to use.
that girl is bangin fer sure!
by brooklynnn March 25, 2008
Cool or exciting.
Used to express positive emotions about someone or something.
"that show was bangin last night"
"that boy is so bangin"
by Ij_is_damn_hot November 25, 2007

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