Bangin' (banging) 'verb'
1. engaging in sexual intercourse
2. Being cool, or acceptable.
Def 1. "Did you know charlie and jessi wer bangin'?"
Def 2. "Dude that purse you got is bangin'!
by Emily November 09, 2004
participating in gang activities
I heard Shavon son, Lil Pook Pook, be out there bangin now.
by red nap May 23, 2003
To play huge loud custom installed speakers, that are placed in your trunk. Term start from Houston, TX. To be "bangin" you have to have 12" speakers or larger. With a powerful amp.
Mayne hold up, I was at mah niggas house today, he turned his radio on, and that shit was bangin!
by 7-1-3 January 30, 2004
A personal object that is considered to be tight or slammin'
Yo dat shit is bangin' homie.
by Big Smoke Dogg November 18, 2003
To intravenously administer drugs to onesself.
I've been bangin' ice for the past 5 years, I'll be dead by age 24.
by iGetHigh November 06, 2007
decent, nice, good, excellent etc...
That dinner was bangin!!
That design on her shirt was bangin
by UNKNOWN October 17, 2003
Adjective for a Hot/good looking person
Damn Erica looks bangin
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008

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