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Term used to describe an attractive female.
"Yo, that shorty is bangin'."
by Dre August 05, 2002
81 39
To call in sick for work.
I'm supposed to work on Sunday, but I'm banging in for the Super Bowl.
by Tizzat January 28, 2004
54 20
adj; used to describe a beautiful female, which most would like to bang
adv; Bangable; the act of being hot enough to bang
adj;"damn, shes got a bangin' body"
adv;"Sgt. K's wife is so bangable!"
by living proof December 12, 2003
70 37
being a gangmember. engaging in gang activity.
"Shameeq used to be cool but now he's bangin and slangin."
by adam November 21, 2004
36 15
1. A female that is very gorgous
2. A word replacing awesome or sweet
Dude ur mom is bangin'. Dude this day has been pretty bangin'.
by the colonel92 January 22, 2009
27 11
A good looking person
Damn she's bangin!
by Kim October 16, 2003
24 10
most often used in past the tense for EXTREMELY HARD/PHYSICAL PLAYING STYLE (usually used to describe aggressive ongoing contact play in basketball)
We were bangin' on the court last night.
We were bangin 'em on the court last night.
We were straight bangin' them fools on the court last night.
by NFGoHome October 07, 2011
22 10