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Short for "Banging"
1. adj. meaning highly attractive (refering to an object or person)
2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (refering to music, a party, etc.)
3. v. to be involved with a gang. present or past tense.
4. v. to have/having/having had sex. present or past tense.
1. "man did you see that girl tom was with... she was bangin!"

2. "the club was bangin last night man, you should have come out"

3. "that fools been straight bangin' since was 13..."

4. "I was bangin this girl from alabama back then..."
by Olly J February 06, 2005
1. to bang a broad

2. to bang with a gang or something

3. to say that something is good

4. to fight someone who fucking with you
1. I bang the broad named tiana the other day it was good to.

2 who that over there. thats deshawn bangin with dem CRips

3 them cloths at the store were bangin

4 Look if you keep fucking with me we bangin
by No1one February 07, 2013
A loose term that can be used as a verb, adjective, or a way of life. Specifically connected to someone with bangs. Can be used to mean something or someone is cool, sexy, awesome, etc. Also, a way of life or lifestyle for someone with bangs.
1.) Hey! Did you cut your hair recently?

"yeahh, I'm bangin noww"

2.) Dude, check out that girl over there...
"Man i know, Now thats what you call bangin'!"
by BEastMAnlovesskeletor October 05, 2011
hot, sexy, a cute girl or guy.
that bitch was bangin !
by katie skankz June 13, 2008
that was/is awesome, cool, hot, sweet, something that is off the hook.
That movie was bangin.
My girl is bangin.
by Cindy[clfd] April 07, 2008
hot, gorgeous, pretty or attractive, usually said to a girl, but could go for guys as well
dayum! gina looked bangin today.
by BigPimpinallovadaworld October 12, 2007
1.)A word that describes something, (bagin=subsitute for great, awsome,amazing) meaning the thing is the best or overly great the word was mostly use in the 1998-2003 era)
1.)Kid 1:I just got a new phone! I have 5,000 minittes now!
Kid 2:Thats bangin!
very loud car audio.
shit chuck, your always bangin, i hear your shit from 3-4 miles a way.
by kepthepurbythelbs August 19, 2007