The contents of a well-used but badly flushed lavatory, the bangers (sausages) being the turds and the mash (mashed potato) being the bog roll.
"Cinders and ashes, Thomas, your coaches are a disgrace", cried the Fat Controller. "There's soot all over the windows, used tickets all over the floor and Clarabel's khazi is full of bangers and mash!"
by 7Kev7 October 04, 2007
Top Definition
Bangers = small spicy sausages
Mash = Potatoes Mashed
Anyone care for some bangers and mash?
by Kat September 03, 2003
sausages and mashed potato
damn those bangers and mash am teh win!
by Bangers March 20, 2003
Tha contentz of a highly used but badly flushed toilet.
OK, who was it that didn't flush and left a bowl full of 'bangerz and mash'
by Safecracker G September 10, 2004
turds and white bogroll left "as a surprise" in a public toilet.
I couldn't take a shit on the coach - the flusher was broken and it was filled with bangers and mash
by Ben Bashford March 18, 2003
Made from the word "banging", bangers and mash is simply one step further. To describe something that is better then good we use excellent, to describe someone more cool then cool we use ice cold and to describe someone or something more banging then banging we use bangers and mash.
That jumper is bangers and mash!!!
by KIDEWINKS December 12, 2010
oldschool cartoon about a couple of monks who live at number 3 tree st and eat bananas.
anyone got divx eps of bangers and mash?
by monk March 20, 2003
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