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Explative from the movie Hook meaning "great" or "killer."
This Orangina that I purchased at Whole Foods is Bangerang.
by X Nick Sandler X May 03, 2005
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The word bangarang is actually Jamaican slang and is defined as a hubbub, uproar, disorder, or disturbance. Used often in the movie "Hook" by the lost boys
"Yo, that meal was bangerang!"
"Oh word, that chick looks bangerang tonight"
"We're gonna make a bangerang of a party up in here"
by Joel Rosen August 28, 2006
the act of hanging out with your friends, meeting a girl, going back to her place to participate in sexual intercourse, and leaving after to resume hanging out with your friends
Connor successfully pulled off the bangerang with Loretta and proceeded to tell his friends all the details.
by S.A.R.G. September 03, 2011
When someone you are seeing cheats on you, resulting in you dumping them, but then at a later date tries to contact you for a continuation of the previous relationship.
Jim: "Sandy cheated on me, so I threw her away like a parking ticket. Then, get this - she calls me last night, wanting to come over!"

Steve: "Sounds like she's trying to pull the ol' bangerang on ya."

Jim: "What a bitch."
by FanglyBob June 07, 2011
1.banging activities
2. extreme animal style sex (rhymes with orangutan)
I stayed over at my friends house cuz she was too smashed to drive home last night" "bangerang" "She was vomiting in my car dude" "Bangerang" "Shut tha fuk up" "BANGERANG
by D.Nelly May 18, 2011
A word used when a good joke is told. Meaning "Good One!"
Followed by the name of the person being complimented.
person 1: Chuck Norris' computer doesn't have a control key because Chuck Norris is always in control.
person 2: Bangerang Person 1!
by PF4L February 26, 2009
A South Amboy football play in which there are 3 players each exceeding 250 pounds in the backfield and run the ball up the middle.
Bouch, Pat, and Dav ran the Bagerang against Keansburg and decimated them.
by Bouch January 02, 2005

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