A hot or attractive female. See bangin. Use certifiable banger for more effect
Dude, check her out. She is a banger.
by Lord Banks November 07, 2007
gotta demon inside of my banger-peddi crack
by Hil Matic July 01, 2003
word used as slang for hashish , commenly used in the ballinteer area of south dublin
alri john any banger
by bist0 January 04, 2009
a snort of Ketamine!
a friendly banger of ket into the nose makes for great things to happen
by Berrie Byrne May 23, 2008
Another term for a headbanger, a listener of metal, a person who literally bangs their head to the music of metal.
Terrance, "Did you see that banger, windmill to Amon Amarth?"
Adele, "Wow. No. Can't say that I did."
by adelews August 30, 2007
pistol, gun anything that throws bullets
I laid his ass down wit da banger
by debo36 March 24, 2009
A song, usually rap, that has a lot of appeal in clubs for dancing.
That Usher "Yeah" song is a banger!
by monkeydude12345 November 26, 2005

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