a high-skilled snowboard trick. usually consists of big air, atleast a 720, and perhaps a flip or two
ie of banger: dbl bs rodeo
by ca$h moneyyyy March 29, 2011
A crazy party with lots of alcohol, hooking up, and usually takes place over holidays like 4th of july, halloween, or new years.
Guy1: Did you get invited to Carly's banger?
Guy2: Yeah, that shit's gonna be crazy!
by KennedyFuhshiz January 03, 2011
Someone you want to have sex with (bang).
That guys standing next to the fire hydrant is such a banger.
by maeve66 January 23, 2010
I.An expression used when somethin dramatic, affecting, breathtaking, comic, effective, emotional, expressive, farcical, histrionic, impressive, melodramatic, powerful, sensational, startling, striking, sudden, tense, theatrical, thespian, thrilling, tragic, vivid, climactic, electrifying, suspenseful happens.

II.Something Hard And Powerful
I.Say you are watching a fight. And one guy gets hit and passes out. You could Say "BANGERS!", Or you could say "Damn he got hit with a Banger!!"
by WhiteJuly July 04, 2009
A trick in a skateboarding video at the end of someones part to wrap it all up. Normally this is the best trick.
Did you see Chris Haslams Kickflip to Backside Smith grind on that Handrail!! WHAT A BANGER!!
by oonza January 13, 2008
A girl so hot that when you turn your head that second time to check her out, you turn to your friend and say" Damn, she's bangin."
Mike: Hey man, any bangers at that party?

Me: They're all bangers.
by Anthony Strubeck October 18, 2007
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