a boner inducing trick of the likes of which no one has ever seen in the skateboarding world
"dude that banger that guy just dropped gave me such a boner in gonna need new pants."
by steezus christ December 13, 2012
A rolled cigarette which may or may not be containing narcotics. Dublin slang.
"Anything worth my while in that banger?"
"Nah man, just a bit of toby."


"yeah man, just skinned a spicy one up!"
by GallantVW April 07, 2012
a high-skilled snowboard trick. usually consists of big air, atleast a 720, and perhaps a flip or two
ie of banger: dbl bs rodeo
by ca$h moneyyyy March 29, 2011
I.An expression used when somethin dramatic, affecting, breathtaking, comic, effective, emotional, expressive, farcical, histrionic, impressive, melodramatic, powerful, sensational, startling, striking, sudden, tense, theatrical, thespian, thrilling, tragic, vivid, climactic, electrifying, suspenseful happens.

II.Something Hard And Powerful
I.Say you are watching a fight. And one guy gets hit and passes out. You could Say "BANGERS!", Or you could say "Damn he got hit with a Banger!!"
by WhiteJuly July 04, 2009
Hella sick! Very gnarly or just plain great. Mostly used for skateboarding but can be used in the work place or class room to describe great moments.
"Jordan you got a 72 out of 70 on this test."

by Bangerlivas April 29, 2009
I got the bangers wit me. I'll bring the bangers.
by gdubau April 15, 2008
A trick in a skateboarding video at the end of someones part to wrap it all up. Normally this is the best trick.
Did you see Chris Haslams Kickflip to Backside Smith grind on that Handrail!! WHAT A BANGER!!
by oonza January 13, 2008

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