a boner inducing trick of the likes of which no one has ever seen in the skateboarding world
"dude that banger that guy just dropped gave me such a boner in gonna need new pants."
by steezus christ December 13, 2012
An individual who uses drugs intravenously.
I don't wanna go to that strung out banger's house, he always cuts his dope
by WickitKl0wn June 07, 2005
Spliff, Joint, Reefer
Thats looks like some nice weed you got there, get a banger on so I can try it!

I'm going to roll a banger
by Middla1001 January 06, 2011
UK term for a (usually outdated) mobile phone that won't break if dropped or stood on
"I dropped my phone down the stairs last night. Didn't break though. Thank god it's a banger."
by xchappy(: March 09, 2010
A synonym for the word cylinder. This is a slang word used in context of the automotive world, relating to any engine.
Just bought me a brand-spankin' new four-banger car the other day!
by b-neners March 12, 2008
80's rockers, for men they had the mullets, t-bird muscle cars and shirts. Ladies had the big black leather purses with the *rabbit foot key chain* the bleach blonde BIG hair with black roots. Tight TIGHT clothing.
Banger's were cool back in the day.
by Michelle April 21, 2003
Banger is a piece of poo that comes from anus, it is usually brown smelly and can leave a snail trail in the toilet and panties.
"Damn that banger was booming" "Jesus I need a banger so badly I can feel it poking my panties" "MOVE BITCH I need to deploy this banger"
by LucyMCdKAECK December 27, 2011
The combination of having sex with one while angry, or specifically out of anger.
"I had sex with her out of banger"
by sex pllay October 18, 2011
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