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As in "bang-or-bomb". A girl who isn't worth the effort after a couple days of trying to get with her. She must have lead you on in some way to make you think you were going to get some. If you can't bang her after putting in a decent effort, drop her like a bad habit because you don't really like her anyway. She might just like the attention and will string you along until she is making out with another guy right in front of you. Focus on beating her to it (with a girl, smartass).
Friend 1: "Ugh! I want this hottie to sit on my face but when I try to meet up with her she's all 'blah blah blah I'm tired' and shit"

Friend 2: "You dig her on a mental level?"

Friend 1: "She's about as interesting as a dog turd"

Friend 2: "Fuck it man, she's a banger bomb. Now pay attention, I can't eifel tower by myself."
by zappytoes June 17, 2013
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