A small bangladeshi girl, who looks uncannily boy-like.

"Don't call me bangas!"

"Why is there a bangas in the house?"
by Mr Baby April 03, 2007
a very good song, often with a big beat that gets people a movin' and a shakin' bangaz
'That choon is such a BANGA!'
Proper Bangaz Volume 8
by Freddy Fred November 20, 2006
A hot person or someone you have seen and taken an instant liking to.when refering to someone as banga it means they like you or think your hot. Its a complient used to show affection or admiration to the opposite sex.
Oh girl your a banga!

That boy in that red shirt Is some next banga!
by Gee_HalesXo December 12, 2013
Originating in a gym environment, a Banga tends to have the idea of ones self that he is popular, somewhat of the 'gym elite' and socialises with like minded banga's. Banga's generally need to be bought down to earth by more senior banga members.
"That puppet thinks he is such a banga"
by TrainerFFMP November 30, 2009
An extremely popular or enjoyable song
"Man, Jodeci made some real R&B bangas back in the day."
by Leon M. March 31, 2005
A gun of all kinds.....term from tha bay area
I was out there on nine-oh in tha east banga'd up u feel me....
by yung burner September 08, 2009
The biggest chuut of all times. They prove that "common sense" is not so common. The "BANGA" species are extremely boring and foolish. Their ancestors were social servants , hence donated their brains. So they are the most irritatin creatures on this earth.
Arre! Youre talkin like a "BANGA".
Kar dii naa banga waali baat.
by terapapa June 22, 2009

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