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Originating in a gym environment, a Banga tends to have the idea of ones self that he is popular, somewhat of the 'gym elite' and socialises with like minded banga's. Banga's generally need to be bought down to earth by more senior banga members.
"That puppet thinks he is such a banga"
by TrainerFFMP November 30, 2009
8 3
gangstazzzz ... many in dellfield ... S.T.A
bangazz r gangstazz ..
we'll merk u if u mess wit us
dont mess wit us Bangaz
by M.A**no.1 OG October 17, 2006
81 40
A hang gun, pistol, or revolver.
Yo son go get the banga we got beef.
He pulled the banga on me, so i popped' em.
He ran down with the banga, so we just murked off in the AC.
by DAT NI99A RAYNE January 14, 2007
65 26
An extremely popular or enjoyable song.
"Man that was an old school R&B banga!"
by Leon M. April 02, 2005
68 30
a big party with alot of people, alcohol, and good times.
a better-than-usual party
one of the best parties you've ever been to
Hey you should stop by this weekend i'm throwing a banga!

You should have gone to the party last night, it was a banga!
by mellikesorangesoda March 02, 2009
48 18
bengali thugs
by b-b-b-b-b-banga October 30, 2003
75 55
A term used in the act of shooting a basketball shot, usually at foul distance or further, in which the shooter believes the shot is good and will go in. The term is likely originated in Jersey City, NJ.
(shooting a 3 pointer).. Banga. (shots goes in swoosh).
by TiggaG May 31, 2008
25 11
gangstazzzz .... many in dellfield .. S.T.A
gunnnin pplz down dat tryna startt blad .. bangazzz be ona grind ona mission 2 shyn n bangazz ride on m leev m stuk fuckd from da gayt blad bangaz set it strayt braaaaaaap
by dellfield g October 06, 2006
39 26