party hard and get fucked up
yo are you trying to bang out this weekend?
by dragonboyyy October 17, 2010
when someone is really obsessed with something, usually the thing becoming his god, and he/she will waste his/hers life and not go have some sex
When Fred gets back from school, he straight goes to his PS3 and plays Modern Warfare until 11pm. He does not have any real friends exept his playstation buddys.

Mark- Hey Bob. Wheres Fred?
Bob- He ducked straight home to bangout his PS3.
Mark- Skeen, bangout
Bob- yea
by Ol3k January 31, 2010
To dunk on someone.
There were so many bangouts at that basketball game.
by ericsofine February 26, 2009
A slang term in the Philly/Southern NJ area meaning outstanding, tight, bitchin' or bangin'.
That phone has bang out specs.

That chicks ass is bang out.

She's got a bang out ass.

Their last album was bang out.
by Jason JD May 16, 2011
to engage in sex.

similar to 'hang out' but with the full intention of sexual intercourse.
Bob: Want to go get some coffee?
Jason: Nah, sorry dude. I'm going to bang-out with Jessica.

John: What did you do last night?
Gary: Kristina and I banged out.
by Matimus Prime April 18, 2010
1. A big fight (gang fight, jumping someone,etc.)

2. You're #1 ride or die best friend(s)
Yo there was a bang out at skool today, madd people jump'd in.

Me and Lea have been inseparable since kindergarten, she's my #1 Bang Out chick.
by ♥Ryosgurl♥ September 12, 2008
Verb. can be used for possibly any action, also can used repetitive to circlespeak the fuck outta some dumb bitch an make good cake or save yourself bill
im'a bang out that line, pill, blunt, food, drink...ETC
Yo whatta u think about bangin out some Ball
ima bang out sleep for bout ah hot minute
Yeh late on dis front agin ya gitin banged out, Yeh Digg
by Mr.JFranklin May 26, 2008

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