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1) A sharp, loud noise often associated with an explosion.

2) Sexual intercourse

3) A drag on a spliff or bong.
1) Fuckin' hell, did you hear that bang?!

2) Did you hear Steve and Julie banging all night?

3) This is good shit man, have a bang on that!
by Limpet January 20, 2008
the act of fingering a bitch
Ronald got head & banged the fuck out of Amelia in the shower.
by jizzdizzle2007 November 13, 2007
to really whoop someone's ass
Dang,Mike's eye was black after he got banged.
by ajizzle April 17, 2005
To fuck someone

- or -

to smash someone up
yo dude, i totally banged your sister last night

- or -

yo dude, i totally banged your sister last night
by hillbilly motherfucker March 05, 2005
1) to have sex wit someone
2) to hit something very hard, usually used when scoring a powerful goal in fotball (or 'soccer'- stop getin twisted, Americans)
1): yo, me bang that girl hardcore yesteday
2) (just scored a Sick long shot goal) what a complete bang!
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
The sound a gun makes.
"No Kenny, guns dont go pkeew pkeew. They go BANG! BANG! BANG!"

-Quoted from South Park
by Someguy July 29, 2004
A programming (systems analyst) term for !. Also known as "NOT"
Bang your check of the user logon instead, it'll be easier that way...
by PsylinK June 05, 2004