1.)The word that is printed on the flags that pop out of guns in cartton shows.
2.)see sex
3.) The noise a gun makes, unless it is the mp5 weapon of choice, or it has a silencer. :-)
Bang! The man heard the gunshot through the closed door.
by Crystal October 15, 2003
The past tense of "Bing", as in the act of searching on Bing.
After I got home from work yesterday, I banged Emma Watson a couple times.
by MrFroztee April 09, 2015
noun - 'a bang', term referring to a cannabis joint. originated either because it rhymes with splang or because the twisted end of a ken looks like those devil bangers you used to get when you were a nipper
-where's Carl?
-he's on the front step having a bang.
by natrl March 25, 2010
1) A sharp, loud noise often associated with an explosion.

2) Sexual intercourse

3) A drag on a spliff or bong.
1) Fuckin' hell, did you hear that bang?!

2) Did you hear Steve and Julie banging all night?

3) This is good shit man, have a bang on that!
by Limpet January 20, 2008
the act of fingering a bitch
Ronald got head & banged the fuck out of Amelia in the shower.
by jizzdizzle2007 November 13, 2007
To fuck someone

- or -

to smash someone up
yo dude, i totally banged your sister last night

- or -

yo dude, i totally banged your sister last night
by hillbilly motherfucker March 05, 2005
1) to have sex wit someone
2) to hit something very hard, usually used when scoring a powerful goal in fotball (or 'soccer'- stop getin twisted, Americans)
1): yo, me bang that girl hardcore yesteday
2) (just scored a Sick long shot goal) what a complete bang!
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
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