the sound a door makes during a hurricane
some people confuse the word "bang" as a verb, meaning to have sexual intercourse
they are wrong
"bang" is an interjection
during the tornado, the screen door BANGed the side of the house
to engage in a physical encounter
"Oh, you talkin' that slick shit? Huh? You wanna bang? Huh?"
- Tim and Tom Win
by albanian badboy October 15, 2006
1. To bang is to talk shit about or insult someone.

2. to beat up or Curb check someone.

1.He was banging on you man.

2. He heard him talkin shit ands gunna go bang him.
(not to be confused)

by H'ed-up October 05, 2006
1. To have sex with:
2. Hammer
I banged Danelle snotless last night.
by j nap August 31, 2006
1. To have sex.
1. Last night we fucked.
by Brick October 24, 2003
1.)The word that is printed on the flags that pop out of guns in cartton shows.
2.)see sex
3.) The noise a gun makes, unless it is the mp5 weapon of choice, or it has a silencer. :-)
Bang! The man heard the gunshot through the closed door.
by Crystal October 15, 2003
The past tense of "Bing", as in the act of searching on Bing.
After I got home from work yesterday, I banged Emma Watson a couple times.
by MrFroztee April 09, 2015

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