to squad up or to get ready to fight
like whats good nigga what wonna do u wonna bang or what nigga
by money d September 27, 2006
1) a style of haircut that lays hair on your forehead
2) plural of the verb to bang
3) in europe: pubes
1) They cut my bangs too short.
2) He bangs her like every night.
3) I trim my bangs because its enjoyable.
by ziggarette June 23, 2006
To have sex with
I wish i could bang her.
by plov October 26, 2003
A verb for doing the nasty.
I want to bang your sister dude.
by dustin October 09, 2003
1) How you might describe the noise a firearm produces as it discharges a round

2) To have sex, especially in a post-highschool context such as a summer party or holiday. Usually the term used by males to emphasise the satisfaction they derive from having sex with a girl they may have been after for a while, or had only met earlier in the day or week.
1) Pedro's 12-bore made a loud bang before Jimbo dropped to the floor screaming and clutching his ankle".

2) "I finally got to bang Sophie last night. It's been a long time coming goddammit".
by TheFairOne August 10, 2009
To Bang is to hit/punch someone with immense force.
Give him the one Bang
by Blade "DK" Ashby March 27, 2009
What guns like to do in there free time.
Guns go bang-bang!!!!
by katherine m. September 07, 2007

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