To hang up on somebody.
I banged on him cause he was actin like a nut.
by MoFroPhilly December 14, 2003
A word used when excited.
*A baseball player hits a homerun*

Jon- "Fuck yeah"
Nick- "BANG"
by Jonny Mass March 06, 2011
a collective group of penises; more than just one penis in one place
Did you see that bang of dicks who just walked into the bar? You guys are a bang!!!
by vanpirate January 16, 2009
3) to fight
4) to leave
3. alright that's it, if you don't shut up I'm gonna bang on you
4. they ran out of beer, let's bang
by anon March 23, 2005
Subwoofers - 12's or above. Especially Rockford Fosgate's, MTX's, or Sony Xplod's
Where you get yo bang from? That shit is hittin' in yo trunk!
by Da Fella August 19, 2004
a generic article of clothing; something that is generic, or of poor quality.
I don't purchase bang Wal-mart clothing.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
as in to bang in a gang.
1- man that guys not hard
2- are you joking me? that guy bangs.
by EssTeeEye March 05, 2005

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