verb. to stab someone
He ran up on my tier and I grabbed the toothbrush and banged him 8 times in his face and neck.
by Big Alley August 16, 2005
to screw and/or have sex

commonly said twice when someone spots a person they want to have sex with
oh my god i would totally bang him
by ashley rose June 11, 2005
During a conversaton a person may become upset and bang on the other person.

It is not a physical act as many may think. It is a state of mind.

During a conversation two people did not agree- One person became upset and starting banging on the other one about what they did or did not do.

a different word for confrontation
by Lindos September 25, 2006
the act of being a gangster. to dress a certain way
"ey foo, you bang??" or "look at that foo, he banged out"
by adfda February 17, 2005
Syllable of sexual intercourse.
"I'd love to bang her."
"Damn, it smells like bang up in here."
by Bravo Dingo September 27, 2004
wen u ave a pull on a splif its a bang.
giv us a bang on dat joint.
by missy mistermena erin April 22, 2004
To hang up on somebody.
I banged on him cause he was actin like a nut.
by MoFroPhilly December 14, 2003

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