to engage in sexual intercourse with someone without any emoitional connection
-Hey Steve i heard you and Krista had a fun time last night.
-Yeah, i banged her.
by MickeyChickey October 04, 2003
To have violent sexual intercourse with a woman. Induced by the male.

past Tense: Bung
I bung her last night!
by cesar February 16, 2003
1)A chicago term said asnot sex but a girl bent over while a boy thrashes her from behind while the both have there clothes on another associated word(Train)
2)to run a train is to get banged or be banged by alot of people without getting up
1)Brittney got banged so hard last night that she fell.
2)The niggaz ova there ran a train on me.
by BabiiCool08 January 03, 2007
A nickname for the relationship between Dr.Burke and Dr.Yang on Grey's Anatomy. Often used by fans of the show and Burke and Cristina relationship shippers.
Bang is the best couple on Grey's Anatomy.
by Cady C September 22, 2006
Logan Bestwick, it is also the definition of an asian frog
Logan: You have just been bangalanged!
by Joe Forte January 04, 2005
Fuckin fuck
dont fall down the step or you might hurt your bum! Swedish! poo poo!
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
when two people(most of the time two gay people)have sex also know as banging.People who bang are also known as bangers. Most of the time people who bang masturbate during the time when they dont bang with their gay partner.
kid:mommy what are those two men doing?
mom:oh honey they are banging.
by ching-chow June 23, 2006

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