To fight.
Jack put his fists up and said, "if you want t bang we can bang".
by BakenBwol August 14, 2009
v. To eat very quickly, usually when fucked up. It is interchangeable with "max" when referring to eating.

past tense: banged

"I can't wait to get to Taco Bell; I'm gonna bang that shit."


"Are there any cupcakes left?"

"Nah, we banged that shit last night."

by Last Pseudonym Available April 12, 2009
A big sound;or if you want to have sex with another female or male.
That sound had just went bang!
Damn, I want to bang that bitch up!
by ChRiStInA DoNnElLy August 05, 2005
to really whoop someone's ass
Dang,Mike's eye was black after he got banged.
by ajizzle April 17, 2005
to shoot up... aint yall know this already?
hey yo bang this
by C.. March 04, 2004
1) Sound made by any pneumatically inflated object when burst.
2) Slang word for sex.
1) "Just a couple more puffs and your baloon will be full" BANG!!!!
2) Stu: So, what did ya do last night?
Al: I banged my girlfreind man.
by Wise Man October 09, 2003
to "fuck" someone
He Banged her last night
by mee October 06, 2003

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