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a piece of meat that you can bang
I went to the butcher and got a bang piece.
by Eric Tank June 02, 2005
4 20

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n. a girl whose only usefulness is to get a guy off. The sex is for male relief and there is total lack of affection in the act.
When Brie Ann was cranky or otherwise wouldn't put out, there was always Sylvia, his bang piece.
by Richard Black June 04, 2005
48 13
Someone you have casual sex with, but have absolutely no respect for.
"What's up with you and Pamela?"

"That bitch? She's nothin' but a bang piece."
by Mr. Corruption June 02, 2005
34 11
A sexual partner that the speaker uses strictly for sexual gratification. Several rungs below a fuckbuddy; emotional attachment and/or mutual respect are never afforded to a bangpiece.
Hell no I didn't spend the night... I fucked her and left. That's just my bangpiece, man.
by slipperyperson June 14, 2010
6 1
A girl you keep around just for the sex.
Sally is such a bang piece! I swear she can suck the chrome off a bumper!
by David Tigue June 05, 2005
15 15
a piece of ass you would most definatly bang.
"ohh shit check out that bang piece there, I'm gonna have to get somma that!"
by adamyourmum June 04, 2005
10 15
Someone that you'd like to have (relations) with.
Joe thought Sara was a real bang piece.
by Casper226 June 05, 2005
2 15
I girl that you only want for fucking. Related to piece of shit, ie. piece of bang.
Damn, that girl is such a bang piece.
by PantyRaider June 04, 2005
5 18