To be extremely high/baked/stoned on weed
"Dude i'm sooo bangout right now!!!!!"
by bunnindatpiff420 January 23, 2012
Usually chanted by marching band/football team. Means "go hard" or "work hard".
"What team?" Everyone else: "BANG OUT!"
by FBTrainer September 20, 2012
A clever mixture of the word bang and hangout. Meaning to hangout and bang. What makes this clever is if you get a "no" response it was just misspelled, saving grace.
Guy's text: wanna bangout sometime?
Girl's response: yeah we should so hangout
Guy's response: It wasn't misspelled
by ICheatOnEveryGirl October 31, 2011
To get out

Escape with max speed
I saw the cops so me and the boys had to bang out
by Race Dont Matter July 02, 2009
Someone who constantly plays the same video game over and over and over again. Sometimes, if the person is a Hardcore Bang Out, People refer to them as a 'Sweaty' Bang Out.
'All John Plays is COD, He's such a Bang Out!'
by KaChaBang April 13, 2013
to crash or wreck ur car
If u speed on 95 ur guna bang out.
by one and only dino April 24, 2007
Bartender slang for not buying back anything for a cheap or obonoxius customer and taking them for all their money.
I'm gonna bang out this cheap fuck, he didn't tip me.
by Tip Your Bartender March 12, 2006

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