When a) an Italian/Scottish guy and Amerasian girl screw and b) when you hear your parents fucking. It's strange. Therefore making it BANGBANGING! :D
Person 1: dude... What're those weird noises coming from your parent's room?

Person 2: oh good God... They're bangbanging!

Person 1: I think your neighbor's are fucking too....

Person 2: oh no that's fine. I don't really care. They're cool.
by emopoptart July 22, 2009
a tatto on lil waynes chest that symbolise him shooting himself in the chest as a child
song bang bang
by JLee93 August 19, 2008
A phrase that idiotic scene and emo kids put in all their stupid profiles. Usually placed along with a poorly cropped, sparkling 9mm pistol, possibly with some sort of annoyingly colored, bright liquid coming out of the barrel.
Found in the signiture of a Darkstarlings user's profile: "Bang bang baby".
by Funker_joe October 27, 2005
As said before, a phrase used by emos/scenesters on sites like myspace...and also as a stated before it is accompanied by a crappy graphic of a gun, which is usually a pistol (more specifically a berettta 92-fs for some reason) or and m-16 or ak-47. These graphics will always have one or more of these characteristics:
-blood or some other liquid dripping out of the barrel
-a rose protruding out of the barrel
I wish emos and scenesters really would put a gun to their head and pull the trigger...happiest *bang bang* I'd ever hear!
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007
Bang or Bang Bang is commonly used to refer to the drug Cocaine and it's use. This use originates from the famous catch phrase of the wrestler 'Cactus Jack' and is an extension of the previous use of Bang in the related area (ie; 'Let's just bang a few more lines before we go out.' or 'bang out a couple of lines and then we'll get going!'
- Question: Hey, what are you doing at the weekend man?
- Answer: Bang Bang!

- Question: Where are you going?
- Answer: I'm just going to pick up the Bang from geoff!
by moneyben May 27, 2005
used when someone says or does something stupid.
originated in shi-town at a high school on the west side called prosser career academy.
by shawnnieboo July 01, 2003
An adjective that females use to describe an OVERLY attractive male.
Ex 1 - "Ohh he is so bang bang. He could get the business."
Ex 2 - "Mmm, that caramel coated man looked bang bang!"
by Samii Sosa October 30, 2010

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