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1) A gang(crew) in birmingham, england, also known as , the burger bar crew, origionating from the b21 postcode, and also in b12, b18, and others, they have beef with postcodes b6, b19, and others

2) slang term used by people from Birmingham and south London, crews such as PDC etc
BANG BANG, I rep dat!!!
wat u sayin blud, BANG BANG!
by the barse man October 12, 2008
some saying for lame scene kids.
bang bang usually includes andy warhol guns on their myspace backrounds with hearts and guns and bangy type shit
"bang bang guns go bang"
by ghetto.. November 12, 2005
When you have a whole meal at one place, then go right to another to place and have another one...bang bang.
We just ate a ton of food at this Indian place and now this...bang bang
by I hope Skrillex dies May 20, 2014
The phrase "bang bang" is a colloquialism used after one has been insulted or humiliated (burned, wrecked, destroyed, told, dissed, etc. work also). This phrase was developed to mimic the sound of dual pistols firing one after another at a target, an analogy to the person who has just been burned being shot down. There is a popular following to the idea that "bang bang" should only be used after one other than the would-be speaker has said "shots fired."

An optional motion one can do while shouting the phrase is pantomine pistol shots firing from your hands as you should each word, using finger guns
Person #1: "I'm going to kill myself."
Person #2: "Go for it!"
Person #1: "What would you do if I actually did it?"
Person #2: "I won't attend your funeral, but I'll send my letter of approval."
Random Eavesdropping Bystander: "BANG BANG"
by halfasianhalfwhitechicagoan February 06, 2014
A particular state of someone's hair after sex wherein one's face is partially obscured by scraggly bangs as a result of the wild lovemaking.
"I know what Melissa was doing in there; she has bang bangs and needs a comb to fix them."
by Mooglespy January 21, 2013
sex, screwing, fornication
John and Sheila decided to have a little bang-bang on the wend.
by centurian August 10, 2005
Part of the refrain of one of rammstein's songs, Feuer Frei!.
Bang Bang
Bang Bang

by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA October 09, 2004