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A phrase that idiotic scene and emo kids put in all their stupid profiles. Usually placed along with a poorly cropped, sparkling 9mm pistol, possibly with some sort of annoyingly colored, bright liquid coming out of the barrel.
Found in the signiture of a Darkstarlings user's profile: "Bang bang baby".
by Funker_joe October 27, 2005
140 125
Something you say when you whip out your two hands and form them into a gesture resembling a handgun.
Cactus Jack, WWF
by Dave March 26, 2004
282 136
What Chief Keef likes to say in his songs, it's the sound a gun make so he say Bang Bang!
We ain't gon' fight, our guns gon' fight! Bang Bang! - Chief Keef
by Thankyoubasedgod November 28, 2012
184 83
Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry, and or gear.
Guy 1: look at that dudes red monkey jeans and bapes
Guy 2: man all thats bang bang look the stars crooked and the jeans have the wrong tag
by WAV March 18, 2007
199 112
the sound you here when a trigger is pulled
Bang Bang your dead foo
by NAzi Are Back December 25, 2003
96 58
The process of playing shoot em' up videos games with friends
Hey Chris, do you want to bang bang tonight or will you get marcia'd?
by jb0o7 February 17, 2010
69 46
fucking someone hardly
lets go bang bang in the bedroom.
by Sammio July 26, 2007
141 118
some saying for lame scene kids.
bang bang usually includes andy warhol guns on their myspace backrounds with hearts and guns and bangy type shit
"bang bang guns go bang"
by ghetto.. November 12, 2005
63 48