n. an alternative slang word to describe a cigarette.
'Can't believe they stop us smoking banes in Pubs'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
A band that needs to give up already. They've been alive for like 40 years, Time to pack it up boys.
person#1 - you hear bane dude?
person#2 - YES, they need to give it up.

EX2 -
man that band is pulling such a BANE.
by MADBALLFTW March 11, 2009
Australian slang for penis, popular with teens
Suck a bane,go suck my bane dude
by scallywagindahouse March 09, 2008
Australian slang for penis. Some people think it's some gay ass band, but it's definitely Australian slang for penis.
Male 1: Did you see the Bane concert?
Male 2: What? Did you see the penis concert? Haha you're gay.
Male 1: Yeah, i totally am
Male 2: Suck a bane.
New slang word for a penis. Particularly used in Australia, but is quickly spreading.
1) Suck my bane
2) My bane feels strain
3) You are a banetaker
by Robert December 12, 2003
Bane is son of Conovvar in the rigante series written by David Gemmel

The name also means Curse
"Bane fought so well that it was almost a mythical"
by Daco9 January 06, 2006
The opposite of bare.
I have bane skunk for you
by Edward Carr October 05, 2004

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