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To hog a network connection for a brief period of time for
the express purpose of pillaging any available bandwidth.

To consume a bandwich may mean you take multiple bytes.
Hungry? Need some new entertainment? Grab a bandwich.

U: Why is World of Warcraft lagging so much?
M: Sorry man, I had to grab a bandwich.
#bandwidth #bandwith #bandwitch #al gore #bandwiches #bandwichs
by intarwabulous December 07, 2005
Getting gangbanged by a boyband.
I just got bandwiched by One Direction.
#bandwiching #banddicked #bandbanged #bandwrecked #banddicking #band buffet
by JL_rangel11 January 24, 2014
The delicious combination of a bagel and a sandwich.
Used primarily in lunches where only limited tupperware is available. Also used to make interesting combinations of cream cheese, jelly and peanut butter.
Cubby enjoyed a bandwich at lunch arguing that cream cheese and PB&J totally worked together.
#bagel #sandwich #combination #lunches #tupperware.
by Ybbuc Noodas November 30, 2011
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