Basically a camouflage for people who don't feel comfortable standing outside of the crowd
Dad: Son you got to quit smoking marijuana
Son: But Dad it got me friends
Dad: Would they like you if you don't smoke?
Son: No, that's why I do it
Dad: If you're desperate enough for friends that you ride the bandwagon then they aren't worth your friendship
by JVswaggerking1994 August 29, 2012
(verb, the act of bandwagoning) to become a supporter or fan of something, esp. a sports team, solely due to the said item or team's general success and/ or popularity. Bandwagoners are believed to compose a large portion of many pro sports franchises in the United States, including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. In the sports world, bandwagoning is generally frowned upon as it is associated with selling out. Bandwagoning is often confused with "fair weathering," which is different because while bandwagoning involves switching teams, fair weathering is merely ceasing to follow a team when they are no longer successful.
Jim, a lifelong loyal Astros fan, was accused of bandwagoning by his brother Darren when he started rooting for the Yankees.
by Ih8bandwagoners October 31, 2010
Any fan of a sports team because they are good.
"Bruh, you are a bandwagon, you never like the New Jersey Nets, but since they moved to Brooklyn you are a fan..."
by OutsidetheTesseract May 24, 2014
When someone adopts a popular point of view for the primary purpose of recognition and/or acceptance

that guy is on the bandwagon, hes pretty gay
he likes the Yankees, celtics, patriots, and the heat
by bboy123 September 09, 2010
An act/acts made by Nick Lynch or Christian Tilo. Commonly refers to sports fans.
Lynch is a bandwagoner because he switches his favorite team based on LeBron James whereabouts.
by ogbk August 30, 2014
When someone changes to the best team in sports. (Rhett Savoini.)
Rhett Savoini is a Bandwagon.
by Jojo A April 06, 2013
When an individual cheers for a team when they're in the playoffs, but doesn't actually watch the games, even when they get the low budget cable station the game is being televised on.

What the bandwagon says happened: "Dude, that game last night was incredible! Boston totally outplayed Chicago! Go Bruins!!!"

What actually happened: The bandwagon watched a few minutes of the game and then fell asleep only to wake up the next morning, check their phone and find out that Boston won in overtime.
by cad281 June 19, 2013
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