When one only likes or agrees with someone/something due to success. Even if said individual liked/agreed with something before they were successful, they "hopped on the bandwagon."

The most typical is the Yankees fan, many only like the Yankees due to success, however there are the few who were brought up that way.
Phillies Fan:"Yeah baby the Phillies in the World Series!"
Dodgers Fan:"Bandwagon asshole. The Dodgers have been in the playoffs almost every year and had no success, the Phillies get good out of nowhere and win the World Series."
P Fan:"Go bitch with the Mets Fan"
Mets Fan:"Haven't you put me through enough dick?"
by shcoome March 01, 2010
band wagon means a fan of any team that likes a team only because they're doing good. But when they're not doing good fans are like oh fuck them
Man, that guy is such a band wagon. He never liked the Lakers but now he does because they're winning the finals
by KakaaaxD June 14, 2009
Taking interest in something just to fit in with the crowd.
Walker started watching Hockey because the Bruins where in the playoffs and everyone else was watching it. Walker is a major bandwagon.
by d12fan June 10, 2011
Only being a Red Sox fan when they are in the playoffs...
Katie and Wade are on the Red Sox band wagon.
by Eric October 09, 2003
When someone starts caring about a sports team because of recent success.
Dude the Bruins are awesome!
Didn't you just start watching?
You're a bandwagon
by Big guy 22 October 23, 2013
(verb, the act of bandwagoning) to become a supporter or fan of something, esp. a sports team, solely due to the said item or team's general success and/ or popularity. Bandwagoners are believed to compose a large portion of many pro sports franchises in the United States, including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. In the sports world, bandwagoning is generally frowned upon as it is associated with selling out. Bandwagoning is often confused with "fair weathering," which is different because while bandwagoning involves switching teams, fair weathering is merely ceasing to follow a team when they are no longer successful.
Jim, a lifelong loyal Astros fan, was accused of bandwagoning by his brother Darren when he started rooting for the Yankees.
by Ih8bandwagoners October 31, 2010
When someone adopts a popular point of view for the primary purpose of recognition and/or acceptance

that guy is on the bandwagon, hes pretty gay
he likes the Yankees, celtics, patriots, and the heat
by bboy123 September 09, 2010

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