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A no talent asshole
Mike does not do anything for us he is such a bando.
by ck0141 August 04, 2008
37 156
a geek who is in the high school/college band who takes band way to seriously and puts it before any other activities. To them band camp is the greatest thing on earth, "what happens in band camp stays in band camp", its where they say they go and party. But really all they do is sit around and try to work up enough courage to talk to the opposite sex.
ME: hey ryan are u gonna be at the big game this weekend?
Ryan: no man, im goin to band camp its gonna be so crazy.
ME: your such a bando
by go band! not June 18, 2006
42 168
a munging twinkie, who toss's his moms salad
by Dick Hertz May 21, 2003
30 159
A complete loser in a highschool or college marching band. Plays an isntrument way too much, and usually also plays World of Warcraft with fellow members of the band, using microphone headsets much like those featured at McDonalds (Most will end up working there, anyway). They try to grow pubes in petridishes under their beds because that's what everyone talks about. Nobody at school likes them.
Get out of here you slimy shit bando, no one likes you!
by RaawB June 13, 2007
38 168
An idiot (see fucktard) in a high school or college band.
John was such a bando. Everytime the marching band went out and preformed won an award he shoved it in everyone's face for a week.

"Yeah those bandos over there are corrupting little Timmy, making him do bad things to the director and such.
by Chuck February 16, 2003
23 153