French settlers who tried to bring communism to the United States of America. They were mainly faggots and and decorators who developed in to a suburbanized white culture.
China is ruled by a bandos dictator.
by James Wages December 24, 2003
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An abandoned house, term used mainly in the hood.
Me: Man I gotta piss, man.
My dude: S**t, just go up on the bando.
ME: (Getting out the car, mumbling) Mother F**kin rats going be on my s**t.
by Hand2HandOnThisStreet June 06, 2007
A Trap House In The Hood , Where They Sell Drugs , Cocaine , Weed , Crack , Meth , And Etc.
Guy 1 : Dre Got Some Nickle Bags In The Bando
by GhettoGold August 27, 2013
An abandoned building where illegal narcotics (drugs) are sold. Also known as a trap house.
"Bussin' out the bando!"
" She my trap queen, let her hit the bando."
" Jeremy, let's hit the bando today, we gone buy something good, getting higher than clouds boy!"
by shmada March 30, 2015
A building or establishment that is used for a purpose other than its' initial design.
Due to its late hours of operation, the once suave coffee shop soon became a bando for late night drunks and smokers; kind of like denny's.
by kookbook January 28, 2016
IN the MMorpg runescape... Bandos, (Pronounced: "Ban-dos") ( also known as the Big High War God, Goblin God and Sky Goblin by the goblins) is a god of war and the deity of many of Gielinor's less intelligent races such as goblins and ogres, although orks and some ogres at least know his name (according to the High Priest in Land of the Goblins). Until recently, Bandos was almost completely forgotten by the humans of Gielinor due to his disappearance after the God Wars. Bandos is very powerful, known for defeating many large armies by himself
Bandos one ugly Goblin king
by kbreezy112 August 07, 2011
one who is in band; comes from the derogatory term band dork; not always a bad thing to be called seeing as how bandos rule all
Bandos go to band camp. What happens in band camp stays at band camp.
by bandoswillruletheworld November 15, 2004
A complete loser in a highschool or college marching band. Plays an isntrument way too much, and usually also plays World of Warcraft with fellow members of the band, using microphone headsets much like those featured at McDonalds (Most will end up working there, anyway). They try to grow pubes in petridishes under their beds because that's what everyone talks about. Nobody at school likes them.
Get out of here you slimy shit bando, no one likes you!
by RaawB June 13, 2007
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