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old mexican sex technique. Man places his penis in womans mouth, vigorously humps her face. Kicks her in the back of the head and steals her cat.
How you were concieved
by tex February 26, 2005
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A Mexican-Spanish word used to describe a person that lives outside the law. Usually a thief or robber that steals property. Made popular to the American public through a Frito Corn Chips advertisemnt created in 1967 which depicted a stereotypical Mexican bandito.
That Bandito took off with my horse!
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008
slang for mexican gang banger
Those fuckin banditos ripped my brother off.
by FRanz Fender May 31, 2005
A cool Mexican moustache. Makes you look like a badass mexican bandit.
Woah check out that dud'es badass bandito, he looks like a mean motherfucker.
by OktoberSunset June 18, 2005
Mooch, steal.
"Hey, who the hell banditoed my hoagie?!?"
by Mighty J January 27, 2004
Mexicans with little mustach-e-os and they beat up little chidrens
those banditos were kicken little chidrens ass
by Ayaros & asyla March 15, 2005
A connoisseur of male, anal sex. A stealer of the chocolate starfish.
"Don't drop the soap in the shower. A bandito may be laying in wait.
by D. Gould April 09, 2006

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