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n. a feeling brought on by a magnificent musical moment that is remiscent of a sexual orgasm.

also bandgasmic - any situation that evokes said feeling.
That big hit in the middle of the third movement gave me a bandgasm.

The saxophones sound bandgasmic today, but the trumpets are a little subpar.
by kevinkessler August 16, 2009
an extreme feeling of pleasure coming from thinking of playing in band or being in band
person one: oh man we have band next period

person two: sweeet i just had a bandgasm
by bandgeeeek May 09, 2008
1. The euphoric sensation that occurs when a 300+ member marching band has a successful performance.

2. Spooning with fellow band members, on a band trip.
"When we hit that impact I had a bandgasm!"

by flutediva January 30, 2009
An orgasm when listening to ones favorite band
Dude, I had the biggest bandgasm yesterday!
by kissintherain3x January 23, 2008
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