the reference to a girl/woman's pussy - of which isn't necessarily dirty or ugly from previous whorage - rather, the thought of or encounter with the vagina flags signals that it possesses foulness OR natural whorish form/appearance. The
mismanagement and neglect imposed on this particular vagina by its owner creates in turn a pussy not prepared to make impressions by any measure. However, it is still desirable enough to bang. It clearly has the potential to meet higher standards as well.
Examples of conditions which lead to the bandersnatch are as follows:

Subpar appearance/shape
Deformed symmetry

by Dshystey July 17, 2006
Top Definition
One among many archaic nonsense words used in the classic poem "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Could possibly be a monster more horrible than the Jubjub bird.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"
by Ruby "Cuff" Slasher June 26, 2004
The extrememly dangerous creature from the survival horror game Resident Evil Code Veronica X. Built to be the multi-purpose tyrant, they are equipped with a singular super strong stretchy arm. (hence the "band" as in bandy in the name bandersnatch) on there right side and have no arm on the left. Get too close they grab your head and crush your skull. Get too far away they will batter you about via stretching their arm. If you hide up/down stairs they will use the arm like a grappling hook to grab hold of an object and pursue. Very slow moving but deadly. Generally in packs of 3 but the occassional singular individual.
Best weapon for extermination: Bow gun with gun-powder tipped arrows. Golden Lugers. (as Steve shows in the game, saving Claire)
by Hawke July 07, 2005
The name of that awesome dog thing in Alice Wonderland. And the best bong ever.
David Bowie: Let's hit up the bandersnatch!
Bob Mar: Great idea! I love the bandersnatch!
by David_Bow July 13, 2010
A fleet, furious, fuming, fabulous creature, of dangerous propensities, immune to bribery and too fast to flee from.
The bandersnatch is coming, the bandersnatch is coming!!!
by Bandersnatch snatcher October 05, 2011
1.A woman thats vagina smells worse than a rotting fish market

2.Someone that is being extremely annoying or a huge dueche bag
"The girls that was trying to get with me last night was a real bandersnatch"

"Why does that kid have to be such a bandersnatch"
by SnatchFinger January 24, 2010
a super elite counterstrike and quake 3 entity that will beat you unless your like CPL or some uber shit like that.

natural habitat is cs_office, aim_aztec, de_train, Q3DM17

normally found spelt with a ? for example "Bandersnatch?" so as to convey a sence of confusion.
i was trying to have a pleasent game of CS, but some 1337 guy called Bandersnatch kept owning me!
by Alex Mednick August 30, 2006
An anus that recieves an excessive amount of attention, which far exceeds regularity.

Usually pertains to homosexual acts.
but generally used out of context.

See also: Man Pussy
"That chick I was dating tried to play with my Bander Snatch"

"He only wants you for your Bander snatch"
by Spotted Sea Cow April 12, 2005
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