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the phenomenon occurring in both high school and college marching bands.
Members of the band date only other members, around and around in a bizarre and incestuous love polygon.
This occurs primarily because band kids have no time outside of band to find a significant other, so they just date within the band.
Katie - "Did you hear? Mark and Tiffany are going out now."
Danielle - "Weren't you going out with Mark?"
Katie - "Not anymore.'s totally bandcest."
by Katie Avalanche October 25, 2009
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Derived from the word incest. Bandcest relates to bands whose members are overtly friendly and/or sexually active with other members within their own musical group.

This word was developed, but not restricted, to describe the sexual relationship (slash) between all male members of a band.
An example of bandcest can be found by observing the relationship in bands such as Placebo or Fleetwood Mac.
by suckerlove January 31, 2006
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