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I live in a warm climate and can wear sandals most of the year. You can call me a flip flop junkie. Bandals are sandals that you can change the straps to match any outfit. I LOVE THEM! Not even close to those ugly Crocs.
by flip flop junkie February 15, 2009
9 2
That really ugly boot and sandal combination that is making an appearance in spring 2010 fashion.
That girl easily could have been a solid 7, but those ugly bandals knocked her down to a 4.
by alittlejustice April 11, 2010
0 1
bandal, n., a member of a rock band who has destroyed a hotel room, usually in a drunken or drug-induced frenzy.
Prominent bandals: Keith Moon, Led Zeppelin.
by Momus the Sarcastic August 14, 2009
0 3
Boots and sandals. Also knows as Crocs.
Look at those ugly yellow bandals.
by Quelly January 04, 2008
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