the cooler version of a band geek especially at black schools. Being in the band isn't considered "lame" and it's actually respected because they give the people what they want which is entertainment. Bandheads actually have more people in the stands screaming more for them than the actual football team.
"Yea I was a bandhead back in the day. Those were good times I had so much fun and made great friends!"
by ThePeachMJP August 29, 2011
Top Definition
1)One whom dearly loves band related activities. They can found at football games, basketball games, parades, and any other event where marching bands may be.
2)A person that goes on the internet in search of band audio or video.
3) Band Addicts.
Man Jay just brought another band tape, he is a true band-head.
by datsaxguy July 12, 2005
A hairstyle worn by an ex-musician still stuck in the 80's. Usually, the convict would be seen wearing make-up, spandex, and grungy 80's band T-Shirts (I.E. AC/DC, KISS, Poison, Etc.).
You know something, Courtney's father would be so hot if he quit wearing spandex and changed his Band Head.
by Mary Beth Ondra April 22, 2006
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